About Me.

Hi, my name is Kevin Chen.
I'm a graduating senior at the University of Michigan studying User Experience Design within the School of Information. At the same time, I'm also doubling minoring in Computer Science and Environmental Science. As a product designer, I aim to humanize technology through empathy and compassion and help people do more of what they love.

My path to UX design has been everything but straightforward.
After exploring my passions in graphic design, architecture, and environmental science in my first few years of college, I decided to pursue a degree in computer science. While I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative environment that challenged my creativity and problem solving skills, I later realized that I was missing something that I greatly valued—the aspect of human connection. Looking back, this was perhaps why I always preferred working on the front-end, designing user interfaces and websites that bridged the gap between how things function and how things look.

I will never forget the day I first discovered UX design. It was 3AM and a couple of hours before my class registration. I was frantically trying to search for classes to take when I stumbled upon a class about user experience design. Having never heard of the term, I did some googling. What I found was a field that seamlessly connects my passion in design with my foundations in computer science and technology, all while accentuating the human connection. As it turns out, the culmination of my passions, experiences, and skills led me to UX design.

Outside of school and work, you can usually find me:
✏️ Designing logos for friends who discovered that I do graphic design
📷 Trying to become a travel blogger on Instagram
🪀 Learning new Chinese Yoyo tricks
🎥 Creating fun and poorly edited videos in Adobe Premiere
✂️ Giving myself a fresh new haircut